TNB Provides Five Hearse Vans to Mosque and Surau


Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TNB) donated five hearse vans to selected mosques and suraus in the Peninsula worth almost RM123,000 this year to fulfill the company's social responsibility to the community.

The contribution is a manifestation of the utility company's concern to facilitate the management of the remains of the Muslim community in areas in need, in line with the practice of the company's core values.

Since 2016, TNB has spent almost RM2.6 million to repair and modify 48 vans, lorries and four-wheel drives (4X4) to be donated to mosques and suraus, as well as non-governmental organizations in need.

TNB President / Chief Executive Officer, Datuk Seri Amir Hamzah Azizan said, TNB has always been generous to share prosperity with the community as a sign of gratitude for the blessings obtained.

“Through social responsibility efforts that include education, socio-economic development and environmental sustainability, TNB continues to build a bridge of friendship with the community through donations today.

"It is hoped that with the presence of this hearse, it can help launch the management of the remains and foster the spirit of cooperation of the community that receives its benefits."

He was speaking at the van presentation ceremony to five representatives of mosques and suraus at the An-Nur Islamic Center Complex, TNB Bangsar Headquarters, yesterday. Also present were TNB Chief Corporate Officer, Datuk Wira Roslan Ab Rahman and Managing Director of TNB Power Generation Sdn Bhd cum President of TNB Islamic Workers Welfare Association, Dato 'Nor Azman Mufti.

The five suraus and mosques that received hearse donations were Masjid ArRahman di Gua Musang, Kelantan; Masjid Taman Temerloh Jaya, Temerloh, Pahang; Pertubuhan Khairat Kematian Kampung Ganda, Gerik dan Surau Nurul Iman Fasa 3, Seri Manjung, Perak; and Surau At-Taqwa, Taman Kota Cheras, Kuala Lumpur.

This year, TNB received 50 applications for the hearse assistance, but only five were selected based on the needs of the mosque or surau.

Chairman of Taman Temerloh Jaya Mosque, Dr. Abdullah Ismail thanked TNB for the meaningful contribution.

“This contribution will strengthen the fraternity between the parishioners of our mosque and also the nearby area because the efforts to take care of their welfare can be continued, especially the affairs after death. Thank you TNB, " he said.

All vehicles donated belong to TNB which has been repaired and modified accordingly to the needs and this indirectly extends the life of the use of the van to benefit the community.

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