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We've made it easy! With e-Application, you can apply for new electricity supply by filling in the e-form and appoint electrical contractor online.

Register today! Visit E-APPLICATION Now!

Who can use e-Application:

  1. Residential (individual) customers
  2. TNB registered electrical contractors
  3. Housing developers

Benefits of e-Application:

  • Application forms can now be completed online
  • Faster application process at Pusat Khidmat Pelanggan
  • Online electrical contractor selection and appointment
  • Real-time supply application status updates
  • Check amount of Connection Charges and Supply Deposit
  • Mass promotion of registered contractors to TNB's new customers
  • Efficient and faster way to complete Group Supply Application forms

Note: Due to legal restrictions, contractual documents will need to be signed off manually. Therefore, customers are reminded to submit the application form and relevant documents to the Pusat Khidmat Pelanggan nearest to your new premise.