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Customers must appoint an electrical contractor registered with the Energy Commission to forward an official application to TNB. 

Application Process

  1. The electrical contractor appointed by the customer forwards the application to TNB via the Electricity Supply Application Form (A-Form)
  2. TNB makes the necessary plans for connection of supply such as number of poles to be erected,  length of cable as well as the connection charges
  3. TNB informs the customer or the appointed wiring contractor of the relevant charges in connection with the supply, if any
  4. TNB installs the electrical services (cable or overhead) to the customer’s premises after the connection charge has been paid
  5. The electrical contractor submits the G&H form, certifying that the installations have been tested
  6. The customer pays the deposit and signs the electricity supply contract with TNB
  7. TNB installs the meter and connects supply. TNB will make an appointment with the wiring contractor,
    if need arises

Required Documents

  1. Completed Electricity Supply Application Form (A-Form)
    • Part 1: Customer’s details
    • Part 2: Details on wiring works (to be filled in by the electrical contractor) 
    • Schematic wiring diagrams
    • Location plan of premises requiring power supply
  2. Copy of customer’s identity card 
  3. Relevant documents to prove that the premises is owned by the customer or that the premises is registered under the customer’s name

TNB will supply electricity upon payment of the deposit by the customer and the signing of the contract. The duration for connection is dependent on the customer’s supply voltage.

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