Change of Tenancy

Change of tenancy

To ensure the person occupying the premise is also the person liable for the electricity bill. This is done by changing the name of person paying the electricity bill of an existing TNB account. It is highly advisable to do so when there is a change of premise occupier, to avoid the liability of non-payment on the registered account owner.

For an example, you can change the account name on the electricity bill of your rented premises to the tenant’s name. The tenant will then be responsible for the payment of the electricity bill every month and the landlord will not be held liable should the tenant vacate the premise without paying the electricity bills.

Where to apply for Change of Tenancy?

1) Application On-Line

2) Application at TNB Kedai Tenaga nearest to your premise

To change the name, please complete the New Application Form* and bring it to the Kedai Tenaga (Customer Service Centre) where your account is registered together with the following items:

  • One copy of your Identity Card
  • One copy of your Sales & Purchase Agreement or Tenancy Agreement (or any proof occupancy)
  • Deposit: two months of electricity depending on the type of premises – to be paid by cash or cheque
  • Stamp Duty RM10 to be paid at our Kedai Tenaga
  • Processing fee of RM3.00.
  • Termination of Account Form/Letter of consent from existing account holder

*New Application Form and Termination of Account Form can be obtained at any Kedai Tenaga or be downloaded here:

  1. New Application Form (Malay or English)
  2. Closure of Account Form

In the case of a deceased registered customer, the applicant must also bring along, a copy of the Death Certificate and sign an Indemnity letter. A copy of which can be downloaded here

For clarification and information on tenant-landlord matters regarding electricity supply / change of tenancy, please click here