Product Certification and Product Inspection Scheme

TNB generally deals only with products that have passed the Product Certification Scheme. In order to ensure the availability of economical yet superior materials, supplies and equipment, the product would be required to comply with current TNB specifications through a product evaluation process, factory audit as well as field trial.

TNB Research Sdn. Bhd. (TNBR) being a 100% TNB owned subsidiary, is entrusted to manage the Product Certification and Product Inspection Scheme on behalf of TNB.

General Requirements

The following are general requirements for the Product Certification scheme:

  1. Only products that are deemed critical and those that will have a direct impact on safety, reliability and revenue would require certification. Each division in TNB is required to list products that would require Product Certification and to update this list periodically.
  2. New products to TNB system and those installed as part of a pilot project would not require Product Certification Scheme. The certification is also not applicable to products that are procured on single, ‘one-off’ basis and to products without TNB specifications.
  3. The Product Certification applicants must be a product manufacturer or assembler. They must be legally registered businesses either in Malaysia or overseas. The Product certificate will be issued to the manufacturer or assembler of the product and not to the trader /agents. An appointed agent of the manufacturer however, could utilize the certificate issued to the manufacturer/ assembler for the purpose of conducting business with TNB.
  4. A Certificate is awarded for products that have fully complied with type test requirements, passed the required field trial period (of up to six months). In addition, the production facility is required to comply with the ISO 9001:2008 Quality System or equivalent standard. The Product Certificate shall be valid for a period of three (3) years and will be renewed upon satisfactory compliance with certification requirements
  5. A formal application for the Certificate shall be submitted together with all required supporting documents. Applicants shall be required to comply with the Terms and Conditions for Product Certification. Fees due for the application for a new certificate or to renew an existing certificate shall be paid at the time of submitting the application.
Certificate for Product Acceptance

Figure below shows the process flow for a new application for product certification and the approximate time period for the different stages of the process.

Audit Requirement for Product Certification

Before a product can be awarded a Certificate, it has to be established that there exist a sound and stable Quality System implementation at the Applicant’s manufacturing facility. The Certification Audit aims to achieve this.

The Product Certification Scheme requires that the manufacturer exercise adequate control of quality in the key processes involved in the manufacturing of the product. The audit is based on elements of the ISO 9001: 2008 Quality Management System, with emphasis on the product design control, production control, raw materials/ components inspections, control of non-conformities, corrective actions and measurements.

The applicant shall be notified of the audit and it shall be carried out by qualified TNB Quality Assurance Inspectors. If the auditors found any deficiencies in the Quality System implementation, Non Conformance Reports (NCR) shall be issued. All NCR shall be successfully closed before a product can be recommended for award of the Certificate.

Product Inspection Requirement

Prior to the shipment of products to TNB warehouses or project sites, TNB conducts Product Inspection to ensure all products supplied to TNB meet the product technical specification requirement. TNB Research is given responsibility as a second party inspection body to manage and perform product inspection on behalf of TNB.

TNB appointed Quality Assurance Inspector will conduct product inspection at the manufacturer’s premises based on the schedule specified by supplier/contractors and purchaser and is performed according to TNB standard and technical specification. Product Inspection is mandatory for products in Category 1 & 2. (Please refer to the respective TNB Division to check on your product category).

Product Certification and Inspection Information

The fees for a new application for Product Certification or a certificate renewal shall be based on the prevailing rates as approved by the TNB Management. The applicant may obtain a quotation from the Product Certification Section in TNB Research Sdn. Bhd.

Inspection rates are based on the Services Level Agreement (SLA) between TNB Research and the TNB divisions and do not concern the manufacturer or supplier/contractors.

Further information and other details on Product Certification Scheme or the Product Inspection can be obtained from:

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