Tips 1: Make time to power down.

Tips 2: Chores can be fun.

Tips 3: Choose to care for the environment.

Tips 4: Keep your loved ones safe.

Tips 5: Don’t rob your skin of moisture.

Tips 6: Less is more for the planet.

Tips 7: Save your energy and your money.

Tips 8: Connect with family.

Tips 9: The planet needs to chill.

Tips 10: Natural light is better for your eyes.

Tips 11: Green is in.

Tips 12: Breath in cleaner air.

Tips 13: Energised with little energy.

Tips 14: Defrost before making it hot.

Tips 15: Less wrinkle, less wastage.

Tips 16: A good night’s sleep is within reach.

Tips 17: Keeping it shut will keep the cool in.

Tips 18: Keep it clean, be efficient.

Tips 19: Pumping it right, keeps wastages out of sight.

Tips 20: Get it sun-dried.