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1. Tariff

Tarif (Tariff) defines the tariff category for your premises. It differs depending on whether the usage is for residential, business, industrial or other purposes

2. Bill & Payment

  • Bil Akhir (Previous Bill) contains the details of the previous bill which you would have received before the new bill is issued
  • Bayaran Akhir (Latest Payment) is the most recent payment you have made
  • Tarikh Kemaskini (Last Updated) is the date we update your previous payment before issuing a new bill

3. Current Bill

  • Unit is the split of usage according to the tariff block
  • Kadar (Rate) is the rate imposed on each consumption block. If you consume less than 400 units monthly, the tariff charges for the first 200 units is at 21.80 sen per unit. The subsequent 200 units is charged at 33.40 sen per unit. If consumption exceeds 400 units monthly, the tariff rate is as shown in the sample bill
  • Jumlah (Total) is the result of the consumption and rate
  • Jumlah Bil Bulan Semasa (Recent Bill Amount) is the total chargeable amount that you have to pay based on the consumption of electricity at your premise

4. Other Charges

  • Pelbagai (Miscellaneous) is the credit given or extra charges imposed such as credit payment, cash deposit rebate and excess or inadequate bill
  • Penalti (Penalty) is the fine of 1% imposed on a monthly basis upon late payment of current charges and/or outstanding balance after 30 days
  • Tunggakan (Outstanding Balance) is the amount that you have yet to pay. If payment has been made, kindly ignore it as the new bill could have been printed before the system was updated
  • Cagaran Tambahan (Additional Deposit) will be imposed automatically when the usage is increased. The amount is the difference between the new and the existing deposit

5. Bill Amount

  • Jumlah Bil (Total Bill) is the amount of electricity consumed inclusive of miscellaneous charges, penalty, outstanding balance, additional deposit and total previous estimated adjustment (if any)
  • Penggenapan (Rounding Up) is the existing policy as determined by the Government
  • Jumlah Perlu Dibayar (Total Amount Due) is the total bill after the rounding up is done

6. Meter Reading

  • Dahulu (Previous) is the meter reading as of the previous date
  • Semasa (Current) is the meter reading as of the present date
  • Kod (Code) is the type of meter reading
  • Kegunaan (Usage) is the total electricity consumed
  • Unit is the measurement of electricity in kWh

7. Billing Date

  • Dahulu (Previous) is the date of the previous reading
  • Semasa (Current) is the date of the recent month
  • Bil. Hari (Number of Days) is the duration between the recent and previous month’s bill

8. Payment Due Date

Tarikh Akhir Bayaran (Payment Due Date) is the last day that you have to settle the bill amount to avoid late payment penalty. Total outstanding amount must be paid immediately to avoid disruption of electricity supply 

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