Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TNB) is the largest electricity utility in Malaysia and one of the largest in the region, with an asset base totalling RM110.7 billion. With a history spanning 65 years, TNB is also the most experienced energy player in the country, responsible in keeping the lights on for all residents of Peninsular Malaysia, Sabah and Labuan.

Our core businesses span the entire value chain of electricity production and supply encompassing Generation, Transmission and Distribution. Our Generation Division operates six thermal power stations and three major hydroelectric power generating schemes in addition to supporting the operations and maintenance of three Independent Power Producers (IPPs). Our Transmission Division connects power generated by TNB and IPPs throughout Peninsular Malaysia with Distribution’s network as well as directly to large industrial customers via the National Grid. Our Distribution Division supplies end users, with a keen focus on delivering a world-class customer experience. 

Through our subsidiaries, we are also involved in energy-related operations such as the manufacture of transformers, high-voltage switchgears and cables; the provision of professional consultancy services; architectural, civil, electrical engineering works and services, and repair and maintenance. Supporting both our core and non-core businesses, we have a research and development function that looks into technologies that add value to all our operations. 

In recent years, TNB has become a champion of Renewable Energy (RE) as par of our commitment to promote a greener and more sustainable energy sector. We are responsible for signing Renewable Energy Purchase Agreements (REPAs)with RE producers and for the administration of the Feed-in Tariff which funds the supply of RE onto the National Grid. 

We aspire to grow our presence within the region, lending our expertise to Nations experiencing a surge in power demand as a result of rapid socio-economic development. Towards this end, a new division, Energy Ventures, has been established with the mandate to explore possible ventures for us to participate in within Southeast Asia and the Middle East.

To safeguard the sustainability of our operations, we believe in adding value to all our stakeholders. We invest in the professional development of our 36,146 employees while supporting them to achieve a healthy work-life balance. We are guided by policies and best practices in our dealings with vendors, business associates and the investment community. We engage intensely with the Government and its agencies to ensure the smooth evolution of the Malaysian Electricity Supply Industry (MESI). We also integrate ourselves fully into the communities where we have a presence via educational and other socially empowering activities. 

At the same time, we acknowledge the need to protect and preserve the environment and have embarked on numerous initiatives under our comprehensive Environmental Management System (EMS) to reduce our environmental impact. 

TNB has been a key contributor to the Nation’s social and economic development over the years. We are committed to maintaining the status quo as we transform into a more efficient and effective organisation that is able to create a better. Brighter. future for the Nation and its people.


TNB Vision

“To Be Among the Leading Corporations in Energy and Related Businesses Globally”

TNB Mission

“We Are Committed to Excellence in Our Products and Services”


TNB Shared Values

  • Principle 1 : Adhere to all set rules, regulations and guidelines

  • Principle 2 : Perform to our best ability with very high standards whilst continuously improving the quality of our services

  • Principle 3 : Adopt an open and honest attitude in all aspects

  • Principle 4 : Deliver products and services to customers as pledged

  • Principle 5 : Have pride in contributing towards TNB’s success

Customer Focus
  • Principle 1 : Deliver high quality products and services at par with premier international corporate bodies

  • Principle 2 : Provide best possible services to customers

  • Principle 3 : Realize that customer support is important to TNB

  • Principle 4 : Understand customers needs and to fulfill to the best of our capability

  • Principle 5 : Retain customers loyalty by continuously monitoring their needs

Business Excellence
  • Principle 1 : Show our commitment to operate competitively

  • Principle 2 : Strive to acquire the relevant knowledge and skills

  • Principle 3 : Conduct our businesses in a timely and effective manner

  • Principle 4 : Build and practice team spirit

  • Principle 5 : Be sensitive towards TNB financial performance

  • Principle 6 : Benchmark ourselves against market leaders in our effort for continuous improvement

  • Principle 1 : Conduct our business with TNB’s interests in mind

  • Principle 2 : Acknowledge employees contribution and be sensitive to their needs

  • Principle 3 : Assist employees to develop their potentials

  • Principle 4 : Serve our customers and fellow employees in the same way we would like to be treated

  • Principle 5 : Always be sensitive to the needs of the society and the environment

  • Principle 6 : Undertake social obligations without jeopardizing TNB’s interest