Smart Meters and their Benefits

Smart Meters are a new way for Malaysians to get their meter readings for a better energy experience.


Smart Meters are a new way for Malaysians to get their meter readings for a better energy experience.

A Smart Meter is a device that records your electricity usage and communicates this information automatically to TNB for efficient monitoring and billing. They read your daily energy usage and provide more accurate bills for a smarter, greener and more energy efficient future.

Smart Meters can help you keep an eye on how much energy you are using at your premises. By using our interactive myTNB app and/ or the myTNB Portal, you can track how much energy you are using and view how much your electricity bill may reach to make smarter, energy-saving decisions.


  1. Smarter Control
    • Smart Meters share information with your myTNB App and the Portal so you can track and monitor your energy usage to budget your electricity consumption and help the environment.
  2. Smarter Information
    • View half-hourly energy usage updates via the myTNB Portal
    • Receive notifications via the myTNB app when you set your Energy Budget.
  3. Smarter Payments via the myTNB App/Portal
    • Smart Meters continuously read your energy usage to give an accurate bill. You can pay your Smart Meter bill anytime, anywhere via the myTNB app.


Smart Meters can help you better budget your electricity consumption and in turn, save the environment for a smarter, greener Malaysia. Here’s how:

Grid of The Future

Smart Meters form an integral part of the creation of a smart grid, which uses digital technology to manage and supply electricity where it’s needed. Our energy networks will run in a completely new way, helping TNB to improve your customer experience and our services while allowing us to gain better control of the grid and enhance the efficient use of energy.

A Greener Malaysia

You can make an impact towards a greener Malaysia by monitoring your energy usage frequently, in greater detail and by making smarter, energy-saving decisions like turning off appliances, changing to more efficient lighting, adjusting thermostats, buying energy efficient appliances, etc. By conserving energy, we use and produce less electricity, resulting in reduced emissions due to decreased power generation and potentially better air quality for Malaysia.


Are Smart Meters Harmful?

In TNB’s collaboration with Wireless Communication Centre (WCC) Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM), studies conducted shows that Radio Frequency Electromagnetic Frequency (RF-EMF) emission by the Smart Meter is proven to be safe. The RF-EMF waves emitted by the Smart Meter is considered as Non-Ionizing and will not disrupt the structure of biological material. It lacks the energy to break the chemical bonds within molecules, thus it CANNOT cause ionization to the human body.

Based on 25000 published research articles regarding RF-EMF emission, the World Health Organization (WHO) even stated that “Current evidence does not confirm existence of any health consequences from exposure to the field low level electromagnets”.

Rest assured that all TNB issued radio frequency devices, including Smart Meters, are tested and certified by SIRIM for compliance and safety in Malaysia and comply with the safety regulations set and regulated by the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC).

Can Smart Meters Spy on Me?

Like your traditional meters, Smart Meters do not have the capacity to see, hear and/or spy on you. The Smart Meter simply measures the amount of energy you use in half-hourly intervals and records the meter readings with TNB remotely. You can view this information via the myTNB Portal to help you better track and manage your energy usage.


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Getting Your Smart Meters

Smart Meters can help you better budget your electricity consumption and in turn, save the environment for a smarter, greener Malaysia.

Smart Meters can help you better budget your electricity consumption and in turn, save the environment for a smarter, greener Malaysia. Here’s how:

  1. You will receive an installation notice via mail before Smart Meters are to be installed in your neighborhood.
  2. Our technicians / contractors will contact you a few days prior to installation to confirm your availability (Only for Appointment of Smart Meter Installation). We recommend that a TNB registered customer/an adult be present during the installation.
  3. On the installation day, our technicians / certified contractors will arrive and present themselves with their ID card specifying that they are official TNB technicians / subcontractors.
  4. Installation will take approximately 30 – 60 minutes. We will need you to turn off all appliances temporarily.
  5. Once installation is complete, our technicians / contractors will show you how you can monitor and track your energy usage using the myTNB App and /or the myTNB Portal.

If you need to change your installation date or have any questions on Smart Meters in general, contact us at 1-300-88-5454.


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Frequently Asked Question

1. How much will the Smart Meter and the installation cost me?

The Smart Meter is completely FREE. It will be provided and installed by our certified meter installer without any charges to you.

2. How is the Smart Meter being powered? Will I be charged to power the Smart Meter?

The Smart Meter is powered directly from your electricity supply. The total power consumed by the meter is confined under the International Standards.

3. What will I be able to see on my Smart Meter screen?

The following two are what you'll likely want to look at:

  • kWh: The energy charge (or the amount you pay for electricity usage/the cost per unit of electricity)
  • kW: The total amount you pay depending on usage

4. How does the Smart Meter work?

The Smart Meter records your electricity usage and sends the information to TNB remotely through selected radio-frequency bandwidth channels and selected telecommunication networks.

5. What happens if my Smart Meter is installed and there is a fault with it?

We aim to give you the best service, but if there is a fault with your Smart Meter, we will assess the issue and repair it or offer you a replacement.

To have your meter tested please contact our CareLine at 1-300-88-5454.

6. How will the Smart Meter help me become more energy efficient and save money?

By simply installing the Smart Meter, it will not reduce your consumption. Smart Meters make it easier for you to identify the situations where you are using a lot of energy and this could lead you to making changes in your daily living to reduce it. If you use the information shown on the myTNB app to help manage your energy use, you should be able to reduce your energy costs. Smart Meters also mean accurate bills, so you can be confident that you're only paying for what you've used.

7. Will changing my electricity usage pattern make a difference?

Yes! By managing your energy consumption based on tracking your usage patterns. And in the future, with the introduction of "Time of Use Service", you may be able to further reduce energy bills by shifting their energy use during off-peak periods.

8. My Smart Meter screen is blank. What do I do?

If your Smart Meter screen is blank, please contact our Careline at 1-300-88-5454.

9. How would I know if the Smart Meter readings are accurate?

All TNB issued Smart Meters have been certified by the Energy Commission to ensure that it meets all international standards, including accuracy. All meters are calibrated and certified against the Metering Guideline under the purview of the Energy Commission. The Smart Meter is also safe and has been approved by SIRIM & SKMM.

10. How do you know that the usage information being sent from the Smart Meter is mine?

Every meter has a unique identifier associated with each customer account. When data is collected from a meter and transmitted wirelessly to TNB, the data contains specific unique identifiers associated with the customer’s meter number and service address. Customer and meter identifiers are validated using information from smart meters and customer accounts during the installation process.

11. Is the Smart Meter safe?

Yes, the Smart Meter is safe and has been approved by SIRIM & SKMM.

12. Is the Smart Meter network secure?

Cyber security is a top priority for TNB and we take the necessary steps to ensure that the services we provide are secure and follows industry standards.

Cyber security measures and features have been implemented such as data encryption, authentication and password protection in the Smart Meter system and network. TNB constantly assesses the cyber security of our network for gaps and continuously improve our cyber security controls. This is to provide the high level of assurance that our systems cannot be compromised.

The Smart Meters issued by TNB and the networks adhere to the Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA) in Malaysia. Also, the Smart Meters are safe and have been approved by SIRIM & SKMM.

13. Will I still receive my physical bill after installing a Smart Meter?

Yes, you will still receive your physical bill via mail. At the same time, you can also view your bills on the myTNB app before the physical bill arrives.

14. Will my electricity bill increase after installing a Smart Meter?

Any changes on your electricity bill may be due to the following reasons:

- Inaccuracy of the old meter

  • The old meter may work inefficiently due to aged components or tampering. An accuracy test will be done on the old meter before replacing with the Smart Meter to confirm its accuracy.

- Change in consumption pattern

  • For example, a change in the weather may result in more or less electricity consumption with the usage of motorised electrical appliances such as air conditioners, refrigerators, heating appliances, washing machines, water dispensers and others.

To have your meter tested please contact our Careline at 1-300-88-5454.

15. When will I receive my first bill after installing the Smart Meter?

You will continue to receive your physical bill every month. For any questions regarding your bill, please contact our Careline at 1-300-88-5454.

More questions? Click here for our Smart Meter User Guide.

16. Are there any extra measures taken to reduce the risk of COVID-19 transmission during the meter installation?

We share your concerns and TNB does have procedures in place adhering to the guidelines provided by the Ministry of Health (MOH). All TNB staff are required to perform a health screening test prior to any site visit, observe the standard of social distancing and put on a face mask when they are at a customer's premise. 


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