Rationale of Logo

tnb logo


The Corporate Logo for Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TNB) symbolises the Company’s continuing goal to provide services to the national needs with renewed emphasis on our dynamic future. Symbol The Corporate Identity for TNB is based on an easily recognised application of electricity – the light bulb. The form of the bulb is highly stylised, giving a sense of vitality and of the future. It is a clean, efficient design and formed almost entirely by one single line, resolving inside the bulb shape with a lightning symbol, dramatising TNB’s electrical energy function. The shape of the bulb suggests the form of a “T” – representing “tenaga” (energy). Corporate Name The name of Tenaga Nasional Berhad concisely summarises the Company’s role. It is depicted in the Corporate Logo with a clean, sophisticated typeface that projects TNB’s exciting future. The lettering is italicised to represent the dynamic role that TNB will play in the nation’s progress. The typeface is bold, to depict the Company’s inherent strength, confidence and reliability. Corporate Colours The logo symbol is in a brilliant red to symbolise energy. It is a most impactful colour connoting excitement and confidence. The Corporate Title is in a cool, solid blue – giving a sense of corporate strength and dignity, a perfect complement to the red logo. Red and blue together also reflect the colours of the national flag – appropriate for a vital national service.