Brightening surrounding communities

Illuminating Our

In order to improve lives and quality of living amongst our communities, TNB equips them with the skills to sustain the environment and enhance their livelihoods.

Contributing to Community Development

At TNB, we believe in building the nation through provision of reliable and affordable electricity, as well as contributions that engage and develop the community. We aspire to drive progress and bring positive impact in the community through our various programmes.


Economic And Social Transformation

We are driven to raise the standard of living of marginalised communities, as we continue to work towards sustainable development for all. Through the Home for the Needy Programme, we provide liveable spaces for underprivileged communities that have electricity, water, and proper sanitation. In collaboration with State Governments, the target beneficiaries from this programme include single parents, senior citizens and individuals with disabilities. Additionally, the Better Brighter Shelter (BBS) programme provides accommodation via dormitories and transit homes for families whose members are undergoing treatment in the hospitals.


Environmental Sustenance

We consider it our responsibility to promote environmental resilience for the benefit of the nation and future generations. As part of TNB’s environmental stewardship, we have been carrying out conservation efforts to restore forest spaces. TNB Janamanjung Sdn. Bhd. (TNBJ) has been conducting an annual mangrove planting programme to improve the protection of coastal environments and encourage the production of sustainable fisheries in the Janamanjung vicinity. Since 2013, over 1,000 mangrove saplings are planted every year, totalling 9,200 saplings to date. TNB has also long promoted the conservation of firefly colonies in Malaysia. The success of the pilot project - in Kampung Kuantan, which has one of the largest firefly colonies in Southeast Asia - resulted in the expansion of locations to Kampung Yak Yah, Kemaman, Terengganu, Kampung Sungai Timun, Rembau, Negeri Sembilan and Kampung Dew, Taiping, Perak.

Transformation Through Education

Education is a key component of sustainable development, With that in mind, TNB makes significant investments into education through our own educational institutions as well as community programmes. Our education-related institutions are EduHub, which comprises UNITEN, LDC, and TNB ILSAS, and our foundation, Yayasan Tenaga Nasional (YTN).

UNITEN - The Energy University

Established in 1997, UNITEN is the jewel in the TNB crown. It offers opportunities to study in the field of engineering, computing and informatics, energy economics, and business management to both local and international students at the tertiary education levels. UNITEN has also been a hub for energy research given TNB’s position in the electricity supply industry. In line with Reimagining TNB, UNITEN has developed a 10-year strategic plan of “Building Opportunities, Living Dreams 2025” (BOLD2025) to realise the university’s aspiration to become a globally competitive, energy-focused university by 2025.

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Optimises energy consumption and efficiency within the campus and minimises environmental impact and carbon footprint.


leverages the use of intelligent systems on campus to control and manage quipment efficiently.


Aims to make transport intelligent, flexible and efficient.


Enables the campus to be open to all and safe at all times with smart monitoring of indoor and outdoor campus areas.


Empowers students by enabling the use of technology in classrooms and other campus activities.


Enhances digital learning delivery methods using technology-enabled classrooms.

In June 2022, UNITEN established the National Energy Excellence Centre (NEC) to strengthen energy transition. This centre of excellence aims to cover issues of climate change, sustainable development and renewable energy (RE) at the national and global levels. NEC will play a strategic role in strengthening Malaysia’s commitment to make the country carbon neutral as early as 2050 and meet TNB’s aspirations of achieving net zero emissions by 2050.

Currently, UNITEN has five (5) centres of excellence namely; Institute of Sustainable Energy (ISE), Institute of Power Engineering (IPE), Institute of Energy Infrastructure (IEI), Institute of Energy Policy & Research (IEPRe) and Institute of Informatics & Computing in Energy (IICE). These centres will be incorporated in the National Key Labs which will encompass other universities, local and abroad, with HICoE standard or equivalent. NEC will be focusing on seven (7) main areas:

  • Renewable Energy & Energy Storage
  • Decarbonisation
  • Electric Vehicle
  • Digitalisation
  • Smart City
  • Energy, Economic Policy & Legal Framework
  • Nuclear Energy

Engaging Indigenous People

Engaging with the communities we serve, including Indigenous Peoples or Orang Asli communities, is a fundamental commitment of TNB.

We actively engage communities, including the Orang Asli communities, who live near our operation sites and roll out initiatives with the purpose of protecting their well-being and generating socioeconomic benefits. To provide educational assistance to them, TNB has also set up a new scholarship fund to be distributed to underprivileged Orang Asli children. This makes education accessible to the Orang Asli and thereby providing an opportunity to alleviate their living standards and pursue ambitious academic and career goals.