Our people

Our People, Our Power

The people at TNB are essential to our success. Together, we constantly strive to strengthen our leadership, enhance employee performance, and develop talent to the maximum potential.

Enhancing Capabilities

The capability of our employees and our workplace culture are key components in delivering our Reimagining TNB strategy. Our commitment to attracting, developing, and retaining the right talent has seen us recognised as an ‘Employer of Choice’, and we are driven to consistently meet that standard.

Our Human Resources (HR) strategy, HR Leap 6 comprises guiding principles that align our capability development with Reimagining TNB. The six pillar strategy guides the formation and review of our HR Policies and Processes and cultivates a high-performing culture. This has helped to enhance our talent management system while improving our employees’ experience.


Leadership Development

A strong network of capable and confident leaders is an integral part of structured succession planning at TNB. As such, we have identified Internal Leadership Competencies established under TNB People Matters Better Brighter (PMBB) and integrated these desired skills and qualities within our employees’ Competency Assessment and Technical Competencies


Diversity And Inclusion

TNB values diversity in the workforce and promotes an inclusive environment that respects and nurtures people of different race, gender, age, disability, religion, and life experience. Diversity in our workforce catalyses innovation which is essential to drive our business performance and better serve our customers. We are committed to providing equal opportunities and support employees of diverse abilities and backgrounds to thrive in the workplace.


Health, Safety And Personal Well-being

The health and safety of our employees is our single biggest priority. Ensuring their personal well-being facilitates higher workplace productivity and builds their sense of confidence and security. TNB strives to eliminate work-related injuries and illnesses altogether. We consistently seek to uphold high safety standards, as reflected in various accident prevention programmes and progressive certifications in some of our core divisions. We also encourage our employees to adopt a healthy lifestyle and have a good work-life balance.

TNB Employment Management & Growth

Performance Management Cycle is an integrated and continuous approach to direct and support employees to work as effectively and efficiently as possible in line with TNB’s business strategic objectives and goals. It consists of a series of processes such as performance planning, monitoring and evaluation.

Performance conversation on a regular basis between immediate manager and subordinates is crucial in achieving a high performing culture. These processes are to ensure and drive performance excellence mindset and culture of all TNB employees towards achieving TNB’s aspiration.