Description Date
Improved Revenue Amidst Challenges in Global Business Environment 27/04/2017
Service Interruption for TNB Supply Chain Management System (SCMS) from 6pm to 10pm, 15 April 2017 13/04/2017
Online Payment for Vendor Registration Fee via Supply Chain Management System (SCMS) 31/03/2017
The Electric, Power and Renewable Energy 2017 exhibition (EPRE 2017) 09/03/2017
TNB Remained Resilient Amid Global Economic Challenges 25/01/2017
Proposed Subscription Of A 50% Equity Stake In Vortex Solar Investments S.A.R.L. in Great Britain 06/01/2017
Bukit Badong Maintenance Work Essential for Water Supply Continuity 19/12/2016
TNB Eyes Growth with 10-Year Plan 15/12/2016
HOAX : TNB reiterates nationwide blackout on 18 December a hoax 15/12/2016
ICPT rebate of 1.52 sen/kWh effective from 1 Jan 2017 until 30 Jun 2017 15/12/2016
TNB REMACO Awarded RM160 Million Maintenance Contract by Petronas Gas 08/12/2016
TNB Completes 30% Acquisition of GMR Energy For US$300 Million 05/11/2016
Turning Challenges Into Opportunities 01/11/2016
TNB Recorded Improved Performance from Higher Electricity Demand Growth 27/10/2016
Temporary power failure at the greater Bangsar area 26/10/2016
Tender Fee Online Payment Via Supply Chain Management System (SCMS) 12/10/2016
[IMPORTANT] Billing and CRM system upgrade 22/08/2016
myTNB - How To Register ? 17/08/2016
myTNB - How To Print My Electric Bill ? 17/08/2016
myTNB - How To Add New Account ? 17/08/2016
Ulu Jelai Hydroelectric Project to Boost TNB’s Hydro Installed Capacity to 2,533MW 10/08/2016
TNB Not Yet Notified About Pulau Indah Power Project 05/08/2016
TNB Records Improved Electricity Demand Growth 28/07/2016
Construction of Jimah East Power Commences 25/07/2016
TNB System Robustness Expedite Restoration Time 20/07/2016
Kuala Lumpur High Court Application for Judicial Review 05/07/2016
[IMPORTANT] Billing and CRM system maintenance notice 01/07/2016
Imbalance Cost Pass (ICPT) - Through Tariff Rebate 29/06/2016
Implementation Of Electronic Purchase Order (e-PO) Through Supply Chain Management System (SCMS) 27/06/2016
Closure of Kedai Tenaga Menglembu in Perak and TNB’s Pusat Kutipan Gemencheh in Negeri Sembilan 24/06/2016
TNB Invests in 30% Stake in India’s GMR Energy for US$300 Million 09/05/2016
TNB Recorded 3.6% Unit Electricity Demand Growth 27/04/2016
TNB Unit Signs RM2.3 Billion Coal Shipment Deal 26/04/2016
TNB REMACO Wins 5th Best Practices Award 19/04/2016
Prime Minister Witnesses Finalisation of TNB’s Investment In Turkey’s Energy Sector 14/04/2016
Change in Boardroom - Appointment of Datuk Seri Hashmuddin bin Mohammad 04/04/2016
Earthquake: No Signs of Structural Damage to Kenyir Dam 24/02/2016
Tenaga Nasional keeps the Lion Dancing for Chinese New Year Campaign 06/02/2016
No Gift Policy 29/01/2016
TNB Announced 1st Quarter Financial Year ending 31st August 2016 28/01/2016
NOTICE : System SCMS is facing issues in displaying and printing TNB Certificate. 19/01/2016
TNB Explore Potential Funding 06/01/2016
Beware of Email Scam / Fake Contest 01/01/2016
KLIA Aerotrain Breakdown Not Caused by TNB 22/12/2015
TNB Invests In 30% Stake for Gama Enerji to Gain Strategic Foothold in Turkey’s Growing Power Market 15/12/2015
TNB Eyes Overseas Power Assets 15/12/2015
TNB’s Hydroelectric Dams Prepares in the Event of Floods 06/12/2015
Kedai Tenaga UTC Pudu Introduces New Operation Time Effective 16 November 2015 (Monday) 06/11/2015
TNB Financial Result for Year 2015 (FY2015) Ended 31st August 29/10/2015
TNB Submits Conditional Offer To Acquire Edra’s Power Generation Assets From 1MDB 17/10/2015
Tenaga Nasional Berhad Exits from Track 4A Consortium 16/10/2015
Gangguan Talian Telefon Wisma TNB Seremban, Negeri Sembilan 01/09/2015
Download myTNB app now and get 1 Free ticket for kids to Legoland ! 21/08/2015
Join us at the GLC Open Day 2015 from 7-9 August 2015 05/08/2015
TNB 3rd Quarter Result of the Financial Year ending 31st August 2015 (FY2015) 30/07/2015
IPTA Scholarships Yayasan Tenaga Nasional (September 2015 Intake) 22/07/2015
TNB Acquires70% Stake in Jimah East Power Sdn. Bhd for RM46.98 million 03/07/2015
Imbalance Cost Pass-Through Tariff Rebate 29/06/2015
Project 3B’s Acquisition will Enhance Shareholders’s Value 19/06/2015
Discontinuation of 2-way Bill Payment Service 26/05/2015
Road Closure at Federal Highway KM 19 13/05/2015
TNB 2nd Quarter of the Financial Year ending 31st August 2015 (FY2015) 27/04/2015
Beware of Email Scam / Fake Contest 16/04/2015
Notice of Electricity Supply Interruption - Klang & Shah Alam 09/04/2015
Electricity fully restored in Klang and Shah Alam 09/04/2015
Notice of System Disruption - GST Implementation 30/03/2015
Azman’s Tenure as TNB’s CEO Extended For another Three Years 06/03/2015
Electricity Tariff will reduce by 2.25 cents/kwh ( 5.8% ) from 1st March 11/02/2015
Power outage at Batu Caves due to a flashover 02/02/2015
Electricity in Kelantan Improved 29/12/2014
Former TNB Executive Chairman, Ani Arope dies 20/12/2014
Notis Perpindahan Unit SCMS ke Bangunan Pejabat Baru 09/12/2014
Beware of Email Scam 01/12/2014
The Closure of the Drive Thru Counter at TNB Kepong, Kuala Lumpur 17/10/2014
Close of Account Online 16/10/2014
Notice: Rezoning Activity TNB Subang Jaya - Puchong 19/09/2014
Notice : Service interruption for Submit Feedback form at TNB Website 01/09/2014
More Easy Ways To Pay Your Electricity Bills Now 26/06/2014
Customer Satisfaction Survey 2014 25/06/2014
TNB Payment Kiosks at Selected Kedai Tenaga 12/06/2014
TNB’s Bursa Announcement : New 1000-1400 MW combined cycle plant in Pasir Gudang, Johor 03/06/2014
Notice : Service interruption for TNB eServices & eBulk (24 May 2014) 23/05/2014
TNB’s Emergency Response Plan (ERP) Successfully Control Power Disruption 09/05/2014
Notification of Electricity Disruption 07/05/2014
Hari Terbuka ILSAS 2014 25/03/2014
Hari Terbuka UNITEN 2014 18/03/2014
The Closure of TNB PKP UTC, KL on Chinese New Year 30/01/2014
Bekalan elektrik pulih di semua negeri dilanda banjir 16/12/2013
Status Bekalan Elektrik di Pahang, Terengganu pada 13 Disember 2013, jam 10.00 pagi. 12/12/2013
Status of Electricity Supply as at 5.00pm on 12 December 2013 11/12/2013
Status of Electricity Supply as at 4.00pm on 11 December 2013 10/12/2013
Electricity Safety Tips During and After Flood 09/12/2013
Status Bekalan Elektrik ke Negeri Dilanda Banjir pada 9 Disember 2013, jam 10.00 pagi 08/12/2013
Status of Electricity Supply in 3 States Affected By Flood as at 4.00pm on 5 December 2013 04/12/2013
Status of Electricity Supply in 3 States Affected By Flood as at 5.00pm on 4 December 2013 03/12/2013
Electricity Supply in 3 States Affected By Flood 03/12/2013
Electricity Safety Guidelines During Flood 02/12/2013
Tawaran Mengikuti Program Pendidikan Pembantu Tadbir / Penyelenggara Stor Kemasukan 2013/2014 18/11/2013
TNB 4th Quarter Financial Year Ending 31st August 2013 (FY2013) 30/10/2013
TNB Spends More Than RM180 Million Over 5 Years To Remove Silt and Debris From Ringlet Lake 29/10/2013