In addition to TNB KL, Starting 10 August 2019, new business premises under TNB Shah Alam & TNB Bangi will enjoy improved processes for getting electricity known as TenagaXpress. Power your business in two simple steps today!

Submit your application
through an electrical engineer.
(4 Calendar days)

Pay your connection charges & security deposit simultaneously,
obtain external connection and meter installation
(14 Calendar days)

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who is eligible for this?

To apply, your premise must meet the following criteria:

a. Located in TNB Kuala Lumpur, Shah Alam and Bangi area.
b. New connection for newly built premises.
c. Ready and complete internal wiring and installations inclusive of meter panel.
d. Can accommodate a maximum load of 180kW and maximum cable distance of 150m without crossing any third party's private property.
e. No physical constraints, such as railway crossings.

2. How do I submit my application?

You may submit your application online at

3. Do I need to submit any documents with my application?

Yes, you do! You will need to upload the following documents at myTNB:

a. Identity document of owner/company registration certificate.
b. Supporting technical documents - site/location plan, electrical drawings, layout plan, development plan (approved by local authority), load profile, load details and preliminary metering scheme.

4. What happens after I submit my application?

A TNB engineer will prepare an estimate of the connection charge and security deposit. Make payment for connection charge and security deposit upon receiving TNB's "Request for Connection Charge" Letter. Once payment has been made, we will get the internal approvals and permits from local authorities to conduct external connection works and get meter installed.