Penalties and Charges

1% Late Payment Penalty Charge

What is 1% late payment penalty charge?

1% late payment penalty charge will be imposed if payment of electricity bill is made later than 30 days after the bill date in accordance with the Licensee Supply Regulations 1990.

How it is calculated?

The late payment penalty charge is calculated based on 1% (simple interest) of the outstanding bill amount, multiplied by number of days outstanding.

[Outstanding Amount] x 1% x No. of Days Outstanding / 30 days

For example: Total billed amount: RM1,000.00 Bill due date: 31 May 2019 Date of payment: 10 June 2019

Days outstanding: 10 days Late payment penalty charge incurred: RM1,000 x 1% x 10/30 = RM3.33

The following components are excluded from the calculation of late payment penalty charge:

  • Late payment penalty charge (outstanding)
  • Security deposit
  • Sales & Service Tax (SST)
  • Connection charges
  • Meter installation tampering cases
How to Avoid it?

Please pay your bill within 30 days from the bill date.

There is a line item with the description "Surcaj Lewat Bayar" in my latest bill. How can I get a detailed calculation for this?

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