1Your Electricity Bill






Account Number

This is your 12-digit account number. For every account you have with TNB, there will be a different account number.



Security deposit paid by you. Usually based on two months consumption estimation


Contract Number

An agreement between the customer and TNB


Invoice Number

Each bill has its own invoice number




2Info/Bill Payment Status

This box shows two (2) type of information:


Kerana membayar dalam tempoh 30 hari


Bayaran Tertunggak

Please click here for a sample bill

  1. Shows status of an outstanding bill for previous bill. The disconnection notice is printed at the bottom of the bill
  2. Customer is advised to make full bill payment as stated in the bill within the specified date stated in the bill to avoid supply disconnection.



3Customer’s Details

This is the name and address TNB is providing service to.



4Current Billing Amount & Payment








Amount Payable

Total outstanding and current charges as per billing date


Bill Date

Shows when the bill is generated


Due Date

The latest expected date for bill payment


Rounding Up

The policy of rounding up amount is determined by the Government


Outstanding Charges

Previous month outstanding charges to be settled immediately. Kindly ignore if payment has been made


Current Charges

Total charges on electricity consumption as per item 8, including credit/debit adjustment, late payment surcharge and additional deposit


Total Bill

Total payable charges as per billing date




5Previous Billing Amount & Payment



Previous Bill

Previous billing information before current bill


Last Payment

Last payment made




6Types of Meter Reading



Actual Reading

Reading taken at customer’s premises


Total Estimate (kWh)

The calculation is based on an average of the last three months consumption


Estimated Reading

Reading not taken due to inaccessibility to TNB meter at customer’s premises




7Billing Period



Billing Period

Duration between the current and previous billing dates



Charges on electricity consumed according to type of activities at the premises (residential, commercial, industrial, etc).


Prorated Factor

Proration factor applied by TNB will benefit the customers whose meter are read above 31 days. Any billing period above 31 days will be prorated.

Proration Factor = Number of billing days / 30


        Billing Period  = 35 days
        Denominator   = 30 days
        Prorate Factor = 35/30
                                = 1.16667




8Current Billing Details




Tariff Block

Consumption according to blocks as gazetted in the tariff structure.

Example: Tariff block multiplied by the prorated factor:

200 x 1.129032 = 226kWh



Charged for each prorated block



Result of rate multiplied with prorated block



Total electricity consumption charges for the billing period




9Current Billing Charges






Description & Quantity

Units (kWh) of electricity consumed and charges (RM) on the consumption.


ST Charged

Total electricity consumption on which Service Tax applies.


Consumption for the Month

Total electricity consumption charges for the billing period excluding Service Tax & Renewable Energy Fund (KWTBB)


Current Billing Charges

Total amount payable for the billing period inclusive of Service Tax and Renewable Energy Fund (KWTBB)


No ST Charged

Total electricity consumption that is not taxable



Total units (kWh) of electricity consumed and total charges (RM) on the consumption


Rate of ST

Service Tax applies to electricity bills for residential customers (Tariff A, Domestic) with monthly consumption exceeding 600 kWh (more than RM231.80), and this is effective for billing cycles of 28 days and above.

Note: Starting from 1st March 2024, the service tax rate will be increased from 6% to 8%.


Funds for Renewable Energy

1.6% additional charge from the total electricity consumption charges for the billing period. This amount is transferred to Government or SEDA & no Service Tax applies on it.




10Meter Readings





Meter Number

Serial Number of meter



Your previous meter reading is shown



Meter reading taken based on current consumption



Total electricity consumed in the billing period is derived from the difference between the current and previous reading



Measurement of electricity in kWh


Fuel Subsidy by Federal Government

Fuel Subsidy by Federal Government





*Bill is for illustration purposes only