Change of Tenancy

Where to apply for Change of Tenancy?

1) Application On-Line

2) Application at TNB Kedai Tenaga nearest to your premise

To change the name, please complete the application form [Malay | English] and bring it to the Kedai Tenaga.

What is required for Change of Tenancy?

Required Documents by Applicant

  • Completed & signed Application Form.
  • Copy of Applicant’s (or Authorized Person/ Representative)  Identification Document

    Note: Copy of ID must be:
    i. presented both sides;
    ii. crossed at the top left corner of the image with "For TNB Purpose Only" or "Untuk Kegunaan TNB Sahaja".
  • Documentary Proof of Premise Occupancy

    Application under the name of Company/Government shall require the following document(s):
  • Letter of Authorization with Company/ Society/ Agencies/ Government Letterhead
  • Copy of Registration Certificate (Form 9 & 49 or other form of official registration document of the Organization)

Required Payment by Applicant

  • Deposit: two months of electricity depending on the type of premises (cash or cheque)
  • RM10 stamp duty
  • Processing fee (RM3.00 for low voltage or RM80.00 for medium & high voltage)