The government has passed the Electricity Supply Act whereby TNB is allowed to collect a deposit of two (2) months of the customer’s electricity usage. This amount is calculated based on an average of six (6) months

Deposit Amount for New Accounts

The deposit amounts vary based on the number of electrical installations in the home and the two (2) month estimated. Deposits for new accounts are calculated as shown below:

No Type of Premises Deposit Amount (RM) based on Voltage Level
230V (Single Phase) 400V (Three Phase)
1 Kampung House / Kampung Townhouse 170.00 400.00
2 Flat
3 Squatter House
4 Cabin
5 Long House
6 Low Cost Apartment  250.00 400.00
7 Medium Cost Apartment
8 Link House (1 Storey)
9 Link House (> 1 Storey) 500.00 700.00
10 Apartment / Condominium (<= 3 Rooms)
11 Townhouse (> 1 Storey)
12 Semi-D (Including cluster - 1 Storey)
13 Shop House
14 Apartment / Condominium (> 3 Rooms) 700 1,200.00
15 Semi-D (Including cluster > 1 Storey)
16 Luxury Link House (> 1 Storey)
17 Luxury Apartment / Condominium
18 Bungalow (1 Storey)
19 Bungalow (> 1 Storey) 900 1,600.00
20 Penthouse

Payment Method

  • For deposits less than RM2,000.00, you are required to pay in cash.
  • For deposits more than RM2,000.00, a bank guarantee is preferred.


Reduction in Deposit Amount

If the average of two (2) months bill is less than the amount of deposit paid, TNB will refund the excess deposit upon customer’s request. For example:

Deposit Paid RM300.00
Average Monthly Bill RM100.00
Average of two (2) months electricity used RM200.00
Amount credited to account (RM300–RM200) RM100.00


Increase in Deposit Amount

  • If the average of two (2) months average is more than the amount of deposit paid, customers are required to pay the additional deposit.
  • Customers will be given a grace period to pay the additional deposit.
  • Payment can be made at TNB’s Pusat Khidmat Pelanggan or any of the one-stop collection agencies, e.g. Pos Malaysia.
Deposit Paid RM200.00
Average Monthly Bill RM150.00
Average of two (2) months electricity used RM300.00
Additional Deposit (RM300–RM200) RM100.00


Deposit Refund

  • The deposit will be refunded if the customer terminates or transfers the account.
  • The customer must go to Pusat Khidmat Pelanggan as stated in the bill and bring along the original receipt of the deposit.
  • If the original receipt is lost or misplaced, the customer is required to fill in the Lost Deposit Receipt Declaration Form.
  • TNB will reimburse the deposit in cash (if amount is less than RM400) or by cheque (if amount is more than RM400) after deducting any outstanding amounts (if any).

Interest on Deposit Paid

Commencing January 1, 2017, the annual cash deposit rebates for all TNB's customers will be implemented by cumulating the amount of the deposit rebates (2.5% per annum of the cash deposit amount).

This year's implementation practise is different compared to the previous years, which will see the rebate amount credited into the users' January bill.


For Example:

Total Cash Deposit as of 31 December 2016: RM1, 000
Annual Rebates Received: RM1,000 X 2.5% = RM25.00
Total rebate commencing 1st January 2017 :RM1,000 + RM25.00 = RM1,025