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How many days after receiving the bill, should payment be made?

Payment should be made within 30 days from the date the bill is issued.

Can customers make partial payments of their bill?

No. All bills must be paid in full.

Can customers pay their bill amount in installments?

No. However, for certain cases, customers may refer the matter to a TNB Officer for approval.

Can deposits be used to settle a bill in arrears?

Yes. This can be done during closure of accounts. However, if the deposit amount is insufficient, customers will have to pay the balance of the arrears.

Why am I required to pay additional deposit?

If the customer’s average monthly electricity usage is more than the deposit paid, customer will be required to pay an additional deposit. For example:

Current deposit = RM100
Monthly average electricity usage = RM75
Deposit to be paid (RM75 x 2)= RM150
Additional deposit to be paid = RM50

How can I reduce my electricity bill?

The simplest way to reduce the electricity bill amount is to use electricity efficiently. However, this does not mean customers have to compromise on their standard of living or comfort level. Follow these quick and easy tips:-

  1. Switch appliances and electrical equipments such as lights, TV and air-conditioners off when not in use
  2. Replace old and inefficient electrical appliances with new ones
  3. Operate washing machines at full load without overloading it
  4. Iron all clothes at one time

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