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Financial Results

What dividends has TNB paid recently?

All information relating to dividends is shown on the Key Performance Indicator page.

When will next the next annual and quarterly results be announced?

TNB announce its results quarterly in January, April, July and October. Our annual report is usually published in November of every year.

What are the dates of previous and future AGMs?

Our AGM is normally held in December at TNB Headquarters, Kuala Lumpur. Exact date will be announced prior to the event.

Where can I obtain information on TNB's latest financial results?

Financial information from the latest financial results can be viewed from the Financial page. The presentation slides for the quarterly analyst briefing are also provided.

How can I obtain a copy of TNB's Annual and Quarterly reports?

All of TNB’s annual and quarterly reports can be found at the Investors & Media page. You can download these documents (in .pdf files). Should you wish to order hard copies of our financial reports, please do so from our Request for Information page.