What is Meter Installation Tampering (MIT)?

Meter Installation Tampering occurs when TNB’s meter installation/meter is tampered with altered or damaged which cause the meter fails to record the output or actual consumption of electricity.

Why is MIT dangerous?

  • Customers are exposed to electric shock risks when attempting MIT
  • In the event of short-circuits due to MIT, the fuse may not operate properly and may cause fire.

What is the indirect effect of MIT to other customers?

An overload and voltage dip may occur causing damage to nearby household appliances.

What is Amount of Under Charged (AUC)?

Amount of Under Charged (RM) is the amount not recorded due to Meter Installation Tampering (MIT).

Does TNB have the right to disconnect electricity supply?

Yes, the law provides for TNB to disconnect the electricity supply under Section 38(1) of the Electricity Supply Act 1990 due to the offence committed under Section 37(1), (3) or (14).

Does the customer have to pay for the cost of changing meter due to MIT?

Yes. Customer will be charged for the cost of meter changed.

How does TNB deal in cases of dispute between premises owner / landlord and tenant?

As provided by the Electricity Supply Act (ESA) 1990 and TNB Contract of Supply, the owner/registered customer is fully responsible for the Amount of Under Charged incurred and as such shall make provision to settle it amicably.

How can customers report MIT cases?

Customers can report to TNB through the following channels: