Description Date
Electrical Safety Guide During School Holiday 28/05/2016
TNB Repairs The Home Of Gopal And His 100- Year- Old Mother 27/05/2016
Thanks to TNB Baiti Jannati, Fatimah’s Ramadan and Aildilfitri are brighter. 23/05/2016
TNB Mesra Rakyat Project 2016 19/05/2016
TNB Baiti Jannati Donation Helps Aziz 17/05/2016
TNB Mesra Rakyat Project At State Level 17/05/2016
TNB Organises Kehidupan Lestari Campaign 14/05/2016
TNB Records Highest Electricity Demand at 17,175 MW 11/03/2016
Earthquake: No Signs of Structural Damage To Kenyir Dam 24/02/2016
Court of Appeal Sets Aside Orders of Contempt Against TNB 21/12/2015
TNB’s Hydroelectric Dams Prepares in the Event of Floods 06/12/2015
Informed Customers with TNB’s Smart Meter Project 27/10/2015
YTL’s 21-Year PPA Expires 05/10/2015
Cleaning Works at Connaught Bridge Power Station, Klang 02/10/2015
TNB First Recipient of ISO 55001:2014 & Recognised by the Malaysia Book of Records 08/09/2015
TNB Submits Indicative Non-Binding Proposal to Acquire Edra Global Energy’s Power Assets 15/08/2015
Project 3B’s Acquisition Will Enhance Shareholders’s Value Project 3B’s Acquision 19/06/2015
Baiti Jannati Programme at Perak State 25/05/2015
Community Outreach Program (COP) for Penang State 23/05/2015
HAPUA To Accelerate Implementation of ASEAN Power Grid 21/05/2015
The Edge : Azman’s Balancing Act 18/05/2015
Baiti Jannati Programme at Penang State 16/05/2015
TNB Funds RM69.5 Million for Terengganu This Year 16/05/2015
RM18 Million for Tenaga Hub 12/05/2015
TNB Keen on Project 3B but Not At Any Price 12/05/2015
More than 30,000 Joined 1TNB’s Jogathon 09/05/2015
16 Malaysian Companies on Forbes Largest Firms List 08/05/2015
Saudi Electricity Co. Keen to Expand Business Ties with TNB 01/05/2015
Electrical Safety Awareness Campaign for Putrajaya Federal Territory 28/04/2015
Electrical Safety Awareness Campaign for Negeri Sembilan State 28/04/2015
Lower Generation Costs Lead to Improved Financial Performance 27/04/2015
Manjung 4 adds 1,000 MW to National Grid 14/04/2015
Electrical Safety Awareness Campaign for Perlis State 06/04/2015
Electrical Safety Awareness Campaign for Kedah State 04/04/2015
TNB Janamanjung Power Station Receives Business Continuity Management ISO 22301:2012 Certification 02/04/2015
CEO Among TNB Long Service Award Recipient 28/03/2015
Electrical Safety Awareness Campaign for Perak State 28/03/2015
Electrical Safety Awareness Campaign for Pahang State 28/03/2015
TNB Does It’s Bit for Earth Hour 27/03/2015
TNB Spent RM273 Million to Strengthen the Electricity Infrastructures In Kelantan State 23/03/2015
Community Outreach Program (COP) for Kedah State 22/03/2015
Relocation Of Kedai Tenaga Puchong 13/03/2015
TNB Spent RM273 Million to Strengthen the Electricity Infrastructures In Perak State 12/03/2015
TNB Research and KETTHA Pioneer Project 12/03/2015
TNB Confident of Acquiring Integrax 06/03/2015
TNB’s 1,071MV Combined Cycle Power Plant on Track for Operation in 2016 06/03/2015
Neutral Impact of Tariff Rebate on TNB 13/02/2015
Enhanced Capex Investments Amidst Sustained Performance Standards 22/01/2015
TNB Dam Help to Reduce Flood 06/01/2015
Electricity Dos and Don’ts after a Flood 05/01/2015
Skim Latihan 1Malaysia - Industri Bekalan Elektrik (SL1M-IBE) 31/12/2014
TNB Leverages on Technologies to Make Bill Payments More Convenient 19/11/2014
Take Affirmative Action Against “Climate Change” Polluters Labelling, TNB CEO Told Conference 05/11/2014
TNB invested record high CAPEX of RM10.0 billion on the back of RM6.4 billion net profit 31/10/2014
Relocation Of Kedai Tenaga Subang Jaya 14/10/2014
TNB Performance Subdued Due to Higher Generation Costs & Lower Forex Translation Gain 17/07/2014
TNB Janamanjung and Perak State Government Allocate RM6 Million for CSR Program 09/07/2014
Beware of Bill Payment Syndicate 06/07/2014
TNB Technical Team Deployed to Sinkholes Area 03/07/2014
Practice Energy Efficiency during El Nino 02/07/2014
TNB’s Manjung 4 Power Station to Start Operation Earlier than Scheduled 20/06/2014
Launching Of TNB Bill Payment through Payquik Kiosks Nationwide 20/06/2014
TNB Meet Users in Johor 14/06/2014
Home > Highlights > TNB ‘Projek Mesra Rakyat’ in Melaka (Sungai Rambai)  TNB ‘Projek Mesra Rakyat’ i 13/06/2014
TNB Meet Users in Melaka 12/06/2014
TNB Hosts GLC ExplorAce 2014 09/06/2014
Amcorp Commissions Largest Single Site 04/06/2014
TNB to Appeal against Decision of High Court 23/05/2014
TNB Contribute RM500, 000 to Akademi Hoki Raja Ashman Shah AHF-MHC 14/05/2014
TNB Organized Electrical Safety Awareness Campaign for the State Of Melaka 14/05/2014
A Record Number Of Cyclists In Janamanjung Fellowship Ride 2014 07/05/2014
Decline In Profit Before Tax Due To Lower Forex Translation Gain & High Generation Costs 30/04/2014
TNB Wins Energy Company of the Year Award; CEO Honoured With Asian CEO of the Year Award 30/04/2014
TNB with Trilliant on Smart Grid Technical Exchange Collaboration for Malaysia 28/04/2014
Energy Company of the Year & Asian CEO Of The Year Awards 25/04/2014
TNB Meet Users In Terengganu 24/04/2014
TNB signs PPA with 1MDB Solar Sdn. Bhd. (1MDB) 15/04/2014
TNB wins Gold and Bronze awards at Global CSR Awards 2014 15/04/2014
TNB’s 3rd BSI PAS 55-1:2008, 1st to the Distribution Division in Southeast Asia 26/03/2014
TNB Gears up for Higher Performance Standards 23/01/2014
Record Breaking 1TNB Family Day 2013 21/10/2013
Ulu Jelai Hydroelectric Project - Sungai Bertam River Diversion Ceremony 03/10/2013
Launching of [email protected] Futsal 23/09/2013
KeTTHA Deputy Minister visit brings joy to Adni 05/09/2013
Iftar & Raya Contribution Brings Joy To 700 13/08/2013
Open Bidding In The Interest Of Consumers/Rakyat, Says TNB 04/08/2013
TNB Wins Appeal Set Aside RM113 Million Lawsuit 04/08/2013
TNB Reaps Benefits From Weakening Of The Yen And Favourable Coal Price 17/07/2013
TNB Units Awarded PAS 55 Asset Management Certificates 11/07/2013
TNB, Kharafi National & Kuwait's MEW Signed RM1Billion Contract 11/07/2013
Sustained Performance From Steady Demand Driven By Strong Private Consumption 18/04/2013
TNB Signs Supplementary PPAs & Extension of PPAs With Track 2 Successful Bidders 27/02/2013
TNB JV Wins RM1 Billion Contract In Kuwait 22/01/2013
Sustained Financial Performance Resulting From Lower Coal Prices and Strengthening of Ringgit 22/01/2013
TNB - Siemens - Samsung sign agreements for the RM2.47 billion Prai Power Plant 22/01/2013
Positive Underlying Earnings Growth After Adjusting For Fuel Cost Compensation 30/10/2012
Fuel Cost Compensation And Lower Coal Prices Provided Some Relief To Tenaga 18/07/2012
UNITEN Soars Higher! 14/05/2012
TNB Records Higher Earnings Following Resolution of Fuel Cost Sharing Mechanism 11/04/2012
Dato' Sri Che Khalib Received Award in MACA 01/03/2012