Description Date
TNB e-Invoice Registration Portal is open to all registered TNB customers from 9 July 2024 09/07/2024
No Electricity Tariff Increase for All Customers on The Peninsula 01/07/2024
Get Your Solar PV System Protected with SuriaShield 24/06/2024
TNB Kukuhkan Sistem Bekalan di Pantai Timur Menjelang Aidiladha 13/06/2024
Memupuk Generasi Peka dan Bijak Tenaga di Green Guardian, Pusat Sains Negara 11/06/2024
Get Ahead With GET: The Smart Choice For Sustainable Business 29/05/2024
TNB Driving Strategic Growth and Net Zero Commitments in 2023 and Beyond 21/05/2024
TNB PRIME Scholarship 20/05/2024
TNB Facilitates Commercial Trading of Renewable Energy Certificate (REC) via mGATS 09/05/2024
Unveiling TNB’s Sustainable Energy Journey: Our 2023 Sustainability Statement 03/05/2024
5 Easy Ways to Stay Cool and Conserve Energy 02/05/2024
Electricity Safety Guidelines During Flooding 17/04/2024
Green Electricity Tariff 2024 Subscription Will Be Available From 3rd May 2024 09/04/2024
Safety Measures and Guidelines Near TNB Transmission Line 07/03/2024
Megat Jalaluddin Terajui TNB sebagai Presiden dan Ketua Pegawai Eksekutif 01/03/2024
Reduction In ICPT Surcharge Rate for Street Lighting Effective 1 March - 30 June 2024 29/02/2024
TNB Fokus Rangkul Treble TNB-MHL 2024 28/02/2024
TNB Embarks on Unprecedented Initiative To Electrify Operational Fleet For A Sustainable Future 25/02/2024
TNB Supports Malaysia Achieving Net Zero with Large Scale Floating Solar 22/02/2024
TNB Entiti Korporat Paling Dipercayai dan Diyakini di Malaysia 18/02/2024
TNB Embarks on Innovative Co-Firing Project to Advance Energy Transition Agenda 04/02/2024
TNB Forges Strategic Alliance with China’s State-Owned Utilities to Revolutionise ASEAN Power Grid 25/01/2024
TNB Remaco - Al Dhow Joint Venture and GE Vernova Strategic Collaboration 23/01/2024
TNB Recognised for Outstanding Commitment to National Security and Energy Transition at APBSP Awards 21/01/2024
Electricity Safety Guidelines During Flooding 18/01/2024
TNB’s Strategic Alliances with Trina Solar to Propel Clean Energy Solutions Forward 27/12/2023
TNB Celebrates Consecutive Gold Awards and Top Recognition at SSON Impact Awards 24/12/2023
Retargeting of Electricity Subsidies for The Period 1 January to 30 June 2024 22/12/2023
TNB and Sime Darby Partner to Accelerate Sustainable Township Development in Malaysia 20/12/2023
Peralihan Tampuk Kepimpinan TNB Lancar 15/12/2023
Penyaluran Bekalan Elektrik di Pintu Masuk Terjamin dan Stabil 08/12/2023
TNB Unveils Vision for A Sustainable Energy Future and Collaboration at CEPSI 2023 06/12/2023
Pelaksanaan Garis Panduan Interim Penyeliaan Kerja OKST & OBK untuk Kerja-Kerja di bawah SBU AD DN 04/12/2023
Empangan-Empangan TNB Sedia Hadapi Musim Tengkujuh 03/12/2023
TNB Sets Its Sights on COP28, Pledging Commitment to Drive Just Energy Transition and Sustainability 29/11/2023
TNB’s Strategic Partnership with Perak State Government to Drive Large-Scale RE Initiatives 23/11/2023
TNB Transforms mGATS into Malaysia’s Premier Digital Trading Platform for mREC 21/11/2023
TNB Drives Collaborative Energy Transition in ASEAN and Malaysia 19/11/2023
TNB Siap Siaga, Sedia Gerakkan Aset Strategik Sebagai Langkah Persediaan Hadapi Musim Tengkujuh 17/11/2023
TNB Forges Collaborations with HUAWEI and RHB, to Accelerate ET through Digitalisation 15/11/2023
TNB and CHARGE+ Partner to Make Cross-Border EV Charging Easier 08/11/2023
ICLAD 7th International Conference - Special Guest Appearance by Tan Sri Dr. Noor Hisham Abdullah 06/11/2023
TNB and Petronas Forge Alliance to Explore CCS Technology for Gas-Fired Power Plants 05/11/2023
Deposit Fee Exemption when Opening Electricity Account for eKasih Group 20/10/2023
ICLAD 7th International Conference - Building Resilience: People’s Capability Development 12/10/2023
TNB’s Inaugural Energy Transition Conference Revitalises Calls for International Collaboration 11/10/2023
Struktur Empangan TNB Utuh dan Kekal Berfungsi 08/10/2023
TNB Forges Crucial Cross-Border Partnerships with PT PLN and SPPA to Boost ASEAN Power Grid Vision 05/10/2023
TNB Accelerates Commitment to 3 NETR Flagship Projects in Large-Scale Clean Technology & RE Zones 29/09/2023
TNB Anticipates Reduction in ICPT Receivables Amid Easing Coal Price, Strengthens Cash Flow Position 26/09/2023
TNB Unites Leading Green Industry Players at The Energy Transition Conference 24/08/2023
PRU DUN ke-15 di Enam Negeri: TNB Siap Siaga Pastikan Bekalan Stabil 12 Ogos Ini 10/08/2023
TNB Establishes Exclusive Green Lane Pathway & Strategic Offerings for Malaysia’s Data Centre Market 09/08/2023
Sinaran Merdeka Incentive 2023 09/08/2023
TNB-EDL Alliance: Boosting Cross-Border Re Trade from Laos with The Potential Trade Value 06/08/2023
TNB & Petronas Partners to Advance Hydrogen Economy with Joint Feasibility Studies 01/08/2023
Hindari Pasang Bahan Kempen di Premis atau Pepasangan Elektrik TNB, Sepanjang Kempen Pilihan Raya 26/07/2023
Impressive Line-Up of Speakers Confirmed for The Energy Transition Conference 2023 24/07/2023
TNB Collaborates with Central Medicare on Solar Solutions To Achieve Its ESG Goals 24/07/2023
Enhancement of the Green Electricity Tariff (GET) Programme and New Premium Subscription Rate 14/07/2023
TNB’s UK Venture Unveils Insights on Malaysia’s Energy Transition (ET) 10/07/2023
Catalysing Malaysia’s Energy Transition (ET): TNB’S UK Venture Unveils Valuable Insights 09/07/2023
TNB CEO Calls for Holistic & Collaborative Approaches to Navigate the Complexities of Global ET 04/07/2023
TNB Energy Transition (ET) Conference Registration Now Open 02/07/2023
TNB’s GSPARX Announces Exclusive Offer of Rooftop Solar Packages for Residential Customers 23/06/2023
Press Statement on Tariff Adjustment (July-Dec 2023) for Peninsular Malaysia by NRECC 23/06/2023
TNB Encourages Users to Be More Mindful and Efficient in Using Electricity 22/06/2023
TNB Pioneering GLC Collaboration Platform, Augmenting Safety Culture in The Workplace 19/06/2023
TNB PRIME Scholarship 08/06/2023
TNB Powers Up Sustainability Journey Further with New Sustainability Division 01/06/2023
TNB Scaling Up Energy Access Through Cross-Border Partnership with Key Energy Players 26/05/2023
Malaysia Is on The Right Track for Energy Transition with Transition Readiness At 60% 21/05/2023
TNB Supports Targeted Subsidies to Help the Rakyat in Need 18/05/2023
PMU Mid Valley Terbakar: Bekalan Elektrik Pulih Sepenuhnya 17/05/2023
Five Steps to Identify the Cause of Power Supply Interruption 10/05/2023
TNB and Glomac Form a Strategic Partnership to Explore Green Energy Opportunities 07/05/2023
Tip Jimat Tenaga Semasa Cuaca Panas 01/05/2023
TNB Continues to Lead the Energy Transition With Community Support & A Japanese Conglomerate Giant 27/04/2023
TNB-GDS Collaboration Signals Positive Growth in Foreign Investment for Malaysia Data Centre Market 26/03/2023
TNB-Sunway Partnership to Expand Sustainable Energy Solutions In Malaysia 19/03/2023
TNB Helps Seng Hin Rubber Achieve ESG Goals With Solar Solutions 10/03/2023
TNB Records Strong FY2022 EBITDA, Intensifies Progress in Energy Transition Plan 28/02/2023
TNB’s Energy Transition Conference: Convergence of International Experts to Discourse ET Pathways 24/02/2023
TNB Steps up Regional ET Drive, Partners Thailand’s Major Energy Players 10/02/2023
Penutupan Sementara PCD (Modul Pra-Kelayakan) 08/02/2023
Green Electricity Tariff (GET) Quota for 2023 Available for Subscription from 16 February 2023 03/02/2023
TNB Seals £72 Million Refinance Package for Its UK Offshore Wind Investment 20/01/2023
EV Users Can Now Test Our 2x90kw TNB Electron Chargers For Free 20/01/2023
TNB Keen to Explore Opportunities in Ibu Kota Nusantara and Strengthen Collaboration with PLN 13/01/2023
TNB’s Energy Transition Is In Line With the National Agenda to Address Climate Change 11/01/2023
TNB with Three Companies Study Fuel Sources and Their Chain to Strengthen the Energy Transition 22/12/2022
TNB Ventures into Solar Greenfield Development in the UK 21/12/2022
TNB Urges Global Collaboration in Journey towards a Sustainable Future 04/12/2022
TNB Buat Persiapan Menyeluruh Hadapi Musim Tengkujuh 22/11/2022
PRU 15: Bekalan Stabil di Hari Mengundi 19/11/2022
Penutupan Kedai Tenaga di Seluruh Semenanjung Malaysia 17/11/2022
PRU 15: TNB Siap Siaga Dalam Memastikan Bekalan Stabil 19 November ini 17/11/2022
TNB Empowers Smart Modular Technologies to Achieve 100% Renewable Energy 12/11/2022
Pra Kelayakan Kontraktor Panel PMC 03/11/2022
Pra Kelayakan Kategori Perkhidmatan Pembersihan Bangunan Dan Landskap (Soft Services) 26/10/2022