Description Date
YTN Scholarship Offer - 2021 Intake 10/06/2021
5 New Mega PPV: TNB Has Made Early Preparations 04/06/2021
TNB Operation Hours During Total Lockdown Starting from 1 June 2021 31/05/2021
Application for Support Letter to Carry Out Work Involving TNB Contractor Registered With CIDB 31/05/2021
Notice of Closure of Single Service Desk Telephone Line and Face-To-Face Meeting with TGBS Employees 31/05/2021
TNB Wins 4th Brand of The Year Award from The World Branding Forum 30/05/2021
TNB’s 1QFY21: Resilient Performance Despite Prolonged Impact of COVID-19 27/05/2021
Meter Reading & Operation Hours of Kedai Tenaga During MCO 12/05/2021
Jemputan Pra Kelayakan Panel Panel Vendor Perkhidmatan Pengangkutan Kargo Am Tenaga Nasional Berhad 11/05/2021
TNB Affirms Its Commitment to Facilitate Economic Recovery 10/05/2021
Aida Returns to Remind Us That Moments with Family Is Our Real Treasure 06/05/2021
Jemputan Pra Kelayakan Panel Woksyop Bagi Kerja Pembaikan Dan Penyelenggaraan Kenderaan TNB 05/05/2021
TNB Subsidiaries GSPARX and Allo Excel at SEBA Awards 2020 04/04/2021
Earth Hour: Use Electricity Wisely, Says TNB 28/03/2021
TNB’s LSS Sepang Shows Consistent Operational Performance for 2 Straight Years 24/03/2021
TNB Enters Vietnam Solar Market with First Rooftop Solar Investment, Extends Partnership with Sunsea 04/03/2021
TNB Expands International RE Footprint with Singapore’s Sunseap Group 02/03/2021
TNB Stays Resilient Throughout Challenging FY2020 26/02/2021
National COVID-19 Immunisation Programme: A Stable Electricity Supply Is a Shared Responsibility 24/02/2021
Jemputan Pra Kelayakan Bagi Pengurusan dan Penyelenggaraan Fasiliti di Tenaga Nasional Berhad 22/02/2021
TNB’s Early Preparation for Stable Electricity Supply at Vaccine Storage Centres 20/02/2021
Southern Power Generation Comes On Stream 19/02/2021
Energy Saving Guidelines During Hot Weather 18/02/2021
Jemputan Pra Kelayakan Bagi Kategori Skop Kerja OHL Maintenance Services Rentice 33kV di TNB 17/02/2021
TNB Appoints Baharin Din as President and Chief Executive Officer Effective 1 March 2021 10/02/2021
Change in Boardroom - Datuk Seri Amir Hamzah Bin Azizan 10/02/2021
Program Sustainability Achieved Via Energy Efficiency (SAVE) 2.0 09/02/2021
Perform Change of Tenancy to Protect Landlords’ Rights 03/02/2021
TNB Retells the Origins of Chinese New Year Traditions with an Epic ‘Nian-Tastic’ Twist 02/02/2021
TNB Ramps Up Mangrove Rehabilitation with 7,000 Saplings to Be Planted in Manjung, Perak 27/01/2021
TNB Malaysian Nature Society Greens Negeri Sembilan Coastal Area with Mangrove Trees 24/01/2021
PERMAI Electricity Bill Discount for Eligible Commercial Customers from 6 Selected Sectors 20/01/2021
Implementation of Enhanced Terms for Connection Charge & Connected Load Charge 15/01/2021
Meter Reading Operations during the enforcement of MCO, CMCO and RMCO throughout the country 12/01/2021
TNB Wins Prestigious ARC, NACRA & ACGS Awards 05/01/2021
Enforcement of Digital Certified True Copy for CIDB Certificate Documents Submitted to TNB 31/12/2020
Implementation of Imbalance Cost Pass-Through (“ICPT”) Mechanism for January - June 2021 23/12/2020
Implementation of new Supply Application form 23/12/2020
No disconnection of electricity supply for residential customers until 31 March 2021 21/12/2020
Third Notification: Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Report 03/12/2020
Second Notification: Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Report 02/12/2020
TNB’s Relief Packages to Business Events Sector 27/11/2020
Jemputan Pra Kelayakan Bagi Kategori Skop Kerja Civil Project - PPU Building 26/11/2020
TNB Resilient Through Challenging 9MFY2020 with RM2.41 Billion PAT 26/11/2020
myTNB: It’s Much More Than Just for Paying Electricity Bills 19/11/2020
TNBES Provides Smart Energy Efficiency Solutions for INSTEP 30/10/2020
TNB and MBS Collaborate to Reduce Carbon Footprint 27/10/2020
Work from Home: Using Electricity Efficiently 23/10/2020
103% Increase in Customers Choosing myTNB to Perform TNB Transactions 16/10/2020
TNB Operations to Continue during Conditional Movement Control Order 14/10/2020
CMCO: TNB Operations & Energy Efficiency Tips 13/10/2020
TNB Provides Five Hearse Vans to Mosque and Surau 11/10/2020
Installation of Smart Meters Continues Throughout CMCO 11/10/2020
Cancellation of TNB JMFR 2020 10/10/2020
Residential Customers to Continue Receiving Electricity Bill Discounts 01/10/2020
TNB Powers Malaysia Airlines Berhad with Green Energy 25/09/2020
TNB Bukit Selambau Solar Project Commissioned Ahead of Schedule 22/09/2020
TNB Takes Control of One of the Largest Solar Platforms in The UK 17/09/2020
TNB Weathers Challenging 1H 2020 To Register RM1.4 Billion PAT 28/08/2020
Notice: Traffic Disruption Notice for Underground Cable Installation Works 24/08/2020
TNB’s IOT Company Triumphs in Asia Pacific 23/08/2020
Sinaran Merdeka Incentive 2020 18/08/2020
TNB’s Debut RM3 Billion Sukuk Wakalah Programme Oversubscribed 12/08/2020
Langkawi’s Third Submarine Power Cable to Begin Operation This Month 12/07/2020
Domestic Customers to Receive Detailed Statement Of Bantuan Prihatin Elektrik With Their July Bills 02/07/2020
TNB: ICPT Adjustment Ensures Fair and Transparent Tariff ICPT Reduction 01/07/2020
TNB Committed to Fair Shareholder Returns 30/06/2020
The 30th Annual General Meeting (30th AGM) of Tenaga Nasional Berhad 26/06/2020
Bantuan Prihatin Elektrik 20/06/2020
Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Report 20/06/2020
TNB Denies Claims Its Chairman Received High Allowance 16/06/2020
TNB Affected by Volatile Foreign Exchange in Q1 2020, Prepares for Prolonged Challenges Post COVID-1 10/06/2020
Abolition of Tender Advertisement in National Newspapers 05/06/2020
27 Kedai Tenaga in Selangor, Negeri Sembilan & KL Reopen Tomorrow 31/05/2020
Pelitawanis TNB Raises More Than RM1 Million for COVID-19 Relief Fund 29/05/2020
TNB Notification to Shareholders 29/05/2020
Reopening of Another 47 Kedai Tenaga in 4 States and Wilayah Persekutuan Putrajaya 17/05/2020
TNB Introduces Easy Payment Plan in Post MCO Package for Residential Customers 14/05/2020
Resumption of Meter Reading Operation in Staggered Basis 13/05/2020
Notis: Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) Bagi Kerja-Kerja Projek TNB Semasa Dan Selepas Tempoh PKP 12/05/2020
Reopening of Kedai Tenaga in 5 States 10/05/2020
Dato’ Seri Mahdzir Khalid Appointed as TNB Chairman 08/05/2020
MCO: 50% Increase in Accounts Registered Under myTNB 07/05/2020
TNB Subsidiary in Partnership with Envision Digital to Digitalise Operations Of Its LSS Project 06/05/2020
Astro Expands Its Broadband Services with Allo Partnership 28/04/2020
Notice of The Thirtieth Annual General Meeting (30th AGM) of Tenaga Nasional Berhad 10/04/2020
Lighting Up MCO Temporary Security Posts 08/04/2020
TNB Pledges Almost RM28 Million to Battle COVID-19 03/04/2020
Energy Savings Tips During Movement Control Order 01/04/2020
Economic Stimulus Package Discount On Electricity Bill 01/04/2020
TNB Pledges Another RM150 Million to Assist Malaysians Affected by Extended MCO 27/03/2020
Temporary Halting of Meter Reading Operations and Bill Rendering During Movement Control Order (MCO) 25/03/2020
Temporary Closure of Kiosk Payment at Kedai Tenaga 24/03/2020
Operation Hours for Our Self-Service Payment Kiosk at 83 Kedai Tenaga 23/03/2020
TNB Initiatives to Help Combat COVID-19 23/03/2020
MOH & TNB Initiate Financial Support to Fight COVID-19 20/03/2020
Temporary Closure of All 125 Kedai Tenaga During The Malaysia Movement Control Order 19/03/2020
Temporary Closure of Kedai Tenaga during the Malaysia Movement Control Order 18/03/2020
Notis Pemberitahuan Kepada Semua Pembekal dan Kontraktor TNB 17/03/2020
TNB JMFR Postponed 11/03/2020